A Person Dies Twice in this World, Once When Their Heart Stops and Again the Last Time Their Name is Spoken.

We can look at photos of our family, past and present, but we miss the unique attributes that can only be captured in video.

That's where Hear It From Me comes in!

With Hear It From Me you will create your digital family tree and upload a personal video sharing the stories you choose in your own voice. You can add your parents, siblings, and your children who can then add their videos. As your tree continues to grow, future generations will have that connection we all crave - to know our history and where we came from.

When you create your video and share your stories, future generations will get to know a part of you. Share stories about your life, providing that connection we all crave to know our past and where we came from. Hear It From Me allows family to hear it from YOU!

“This isn’t just a video – it’s a digital family tree, your legacy, and a piece of history. I cannot recommend Hear It From Me enough for anyone considering creating their family tree and recording their life stories. It’s a timeless gift for generations to come.”

"A simple photograph of my great-grandparents offers a peak into their lives, yet they played a major role in my existence. Seeing them in video captures their true spirit in a way no photo ever could."

For a $49 investment from, customers can secure a 5 minute video spot with a unique MeID and creation of their digital tree creation. They can then record touching video sharing their identity, family ties, memorable experiences, and much more. The platform's versatility accommodates both self-recorded videos and the option to upload recordings they may already have.

Using devices such as laptops with built-in cameras or smartphones, capturing these wonderful stories is an easy seamless experience. A Hear It From Me video makes a beautiful gift, allowing recipients to record their life stories at their convenience. A wonderful and invaluable keepsake for generations to come.

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