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Crafting your digital family tree filled with timeless videos and memories from yourself and your family to be shared across generations will be a cherished and unique gift. Be the one to start this heartwarming journey.

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Our user-friendly Digital Tree page allows you to easily add parents, siblings, cousins, or whatever you need. Click here to learn now.


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Collect ideas by writing down moments in your life that you want future generations to know about yourself.


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Your audience will be watching to see YOU! Need help writing a script? Check out this help guide.



Camera shy? It's ok, just be YOURSELF! Practice speaking slowly and clearly and let your personality take over. Check out some sample content.



Once you are comfortable with your story, you can start recording. You have the ability to pause and resume, or even start over as many times as you'd like if you aren't happy with the results.


Safeguard Your Legacy for Generations to Come.

Never lose your video at Hear It From Me. Each video is digitally stored and easily accessible either set public or private by you. You can easily link your account to your other social media sites for easy sharing. Rest assured, for the next hundred years your future generations can easily access your story at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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Have fun, rehearse, take your time and record a video you want people to see generations from now. Or, if you prefer, upload one you already have and trust us to keep it alive.

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Share It how you want, when you want. When it comes to sharing content, you have control over if and how you want to share. Create unique tags to help others find you and your stories.

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