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A digital family tree filled with timeless videos and memories will be a treasured and unique gift across generations. Be the one to start this heartwarming journey.

For $49.00, Your Digital Family Tree package includes:


The creation of your digital family tree.


Add as many members/branches as you would like.


A total of 5 minutes of recording/uploading time with one or more videos in 30-second intervals.


Link videos from your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) to easily share your family stories.


Invite your family members to create their own family tree connected to yours allowing generations of family members to build remarkable stories to be shared.


Additional time to add videos may be purchased at any time.


Safeguard Your Legacy for Generations to Come.

Never lose your video at Hear It From Me. Each video is digitally stored and easily accessible either set public or private by you. You can easily link your account to your other social media sites for easy sharing. Rest assured, for the next hundred years your future generations can easily access your story at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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