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Create an account, create your tree, and invite your family to add their own videos. Your tree will grow as your family grows, adding children, grandchildren, and future relatives. Our team preserves your tree for centuries to come, enabling future generations a peek into their own roots at any time, free of charge.

We can look at photos of our family, past and present, but we miss the unique attributes that can only be captured in video. At Hear It from Me, you and yours will create a beautiful family tree filled with wonderful stories and memories. Treasured videos created through the site, uploaded from your devices or shared via your social media account preserve your family history. Videos can be in 30 seconds intervals up to 5 minutes. Your tree is easily accessible and will never be lost or misplaced.

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Safeguard Your Digital Family Tree for Generations to Come

Your Digital Family Tree invites future generations to discover a portion of your world. Sharing your stories and life experiences create a sincere bond that satisfies our innate desire to learn more about our ancestry. With Hear It From Me, your family won't just read about your life, they'll experience it firsthand, hearing your voice and feeling your presence.

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By crafting or uploading your video and sharing your tales, you invite future generations to explore a piece of your world. Your life stories forge a heartfelt connection that satisfies our innate desire to uncover our origins and heritage. With Hear It From Me, your family won't just read about your life they'll experience it firsthand, hearing your voice and feeling your presence.

Protect Your Legacy For The Next 100 Years

With our unique perpetual hosting, we grant your descendants lifelong, free access to your cherished memories. Your video family tree will immortalize your story for generations, making it a priceless and enduring keepsake.

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I recorded my video so that when I have children I can show them what I was like when I was young. I can’t wait to grow my Digital Family Tree!

I found this site when I was searching for a unique gift for my wife on her birthday. We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. My wife was so excited to record messages to each grandchild that they can look at anytime they want. We Can’t wait to start building our Digital Family Tree!

My heritage is very important to me. I can find pictures and documents from my ancestors on Ancestry which are great. Still, with Hear It From Me I can also link my social media to my family tree which will provide missing pieces of our heritage to future generations. I love this!


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